The Byrd House Wings are the Best!

If there’s a nerve center of the American chicken wing, it’s Buffalo, New York and at The Byrd House. Even though fried chicken and fried chicken wings were foundations of Southern cooking, it’s Buffalo that has the name recognition. It is the Byrd House that has the best wings in the area.

The legend of the chicken wing in Buffalo began in 1964, with a woman named Teressa Bellissimo. Teressa’s husband, Frank Bellissimo along with his wife had their own restaurant, which is credited with developing what we now know as the chicken wing. There, Teressa served fried wings with hot sauce — and while her husband and son differ on some of the details, according to a 1980 New Yorker story, they agree that she came up with the idea and that the wings were an immediate hit. That basic idea — a fried and sauced spicy chicken wing — is a Buffalo wing. Frank’s Red Hot claims that its sauce is the one Bellissimo used on that fateful day.

Today, the Byrd House has taken the original concept and improved it. We serve the best chicken wings around. Admittedly, it is a bold claim to make in a town where chicken wings are as common as water but we stand behind it. We invite you to stop down and try an order. Our wings are the best and our restaurant is a great place to enjoy them. This combination of food and atmosphere add to the experience. However, what it really comes down to is that chicken wings are about love! It’s a great group food. A big plate of wings can be shared among many people. It can bring families together and our prices make it easy.

Buffalonians are very particular about their wings. On one hand some like them mild while others like them very hot. Our philosophy, is listen to our customers. So if you like them crispy, you can get them crispy. If you like them blanketed in sauce, they will come out of the kitchen as you ordered.

There’s something deeply American in the wing’s humble roots and the fact that it has spread throughout the country and been interpreted in all kinds of ways. Our chefs have been trained in those ways. So no matter if you live in the Buffalo area or are just visiting, you can get the wings that you like at the Byrd House. Being together with people we love and enjoy — maybe that’s the true magic of the chicken wing.